Crashes in latest version

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Crashes in latest version

Post by Fluffybear »

I’ve run into some issues using this version on IOS 14.4.1, iPad Air 2

1) Any attempt to select Preferences -> Appesrance flashes up the submenu for a fraction of a second, and then the app crashes immediately

2) any attempt to select Preferences -> Export To OPML results in an immediate crash

3) press and hold on an image pops up the Image context menu but any attempt to select Add To Album results in an immediate crash

Perhaps you could take a look into these issues and let me know your thoughts.
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Re: Crashes in latest version

Post by Kevin »

Hello Simon,

Thank you very much for the thorough report!

I can see an issue with the presentation of the appearance and export items when on iPad. A fix is in the works for these issues.
It would appear as if saving images now requires a read/write permission request for the Pictures folder. I'm going to have to think if I would like to pursue that avenue..

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